About Pro Pet Train Inc. 

​Pro Pet Train Inc.

 I’ve always known my passion in life was with animals and found this love at a very young age riding and showing horses competitively. While attending the College of Charleston, I had discovered the perfect college program for me at Sante Fe Community College Teaching Zoo. This program was a great opportunity for me to discover my dedication and fascination for the behavioral aspect of the animal world.

Upon graduation, I accepted a position with the best behavioral science and training companies out there,  Steve Martin's Natural Encounters Inc. (NEI). I  primarily worked at Disney’s Animal Kingdom facility in the Flights of Wonder Bird Show for NEI, where I  presented behaviors of free flight birds for large audiences.  In 2006, I was rewarded the Outstanding Performance Award, and assisted NEI in designing and producing shows on the road, including: Birds of the World Show in Dallas. In 2010, I spent a year at The San Diego Zoo and acted as the team liaison, presented pre-shows, trained show behaviors, managed the animal collection, and assisted in presenting our animals in news studios for marketing purposes. Upon return to the Disney operation,  with NEI, I was rewarded the Employee of the Year Award in 2010.

 After seven years with NEI, and fulfilling all my goals and dreams with the company, I moved coastal and now reside on our training ranch facility in Bunnell Florida.

 Pro Pet Train Inc. specializes in the training a wide variety of species of animals from: exotic birds, dogs and wolves, horses, birds of prey, and zoological animal collections, while offering many services both locally and nationwide. 

Pro Pet Train Inc. is based out of Bunnell Florida, and was established in 2013 by Courtney Festa.  Whether for personal relationships in a home or winning hearts for animals in public settings, Pro Pet Train Inc. strives to enrich the lives of people and the animals that we share our lives with, by educating through the science of behavior and training with positive reinforcement techniques.

Throughout the past few years, Pro Pet Train Inc. has worked with many  local animals shelters in order to help and support the homeless pet crisis. Our efforts have not only helped animals remain in their homes rather then being surrendered or neglected, but has also given many mis-labeled (aggressive) and unfortunate animals the ability to live positive fulfilling lives.

Due to Pro Pet Train's  behavioral science background, and positive reinforcement techniques,  Pro Pet Train Inc. has the ability to help guide and transform some of the most aggressive animals acting out of fear or dominance into some of the most trusting and loving companions. 

Courtney Festa